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A surprisingly popular chinese restaurant in Makati City is Hai Shin Lou Seafood King Restaurant along Pasay Road (now Arnaiz Ave.). Since the demise of Jade Garden in Greenbelt, Makati diners have been searching for a restaurant that satisfies their craving for familiar chinese dishes. Hai Shin Lou does this with ease.

A common preference is the yang chow fried rice, fish fillet in garlic, and sweet and sour pork. These are dishes that should be a staple in every table.

The fish fillet is placed on top of a bed of eggplant slices, sprinkled with more than a dash of spices and garlic. A great companion to the yang chow fried rice.

However, one should not miss the fresh crabs cooked with sotanghon or just plain garlic and chili. The crabs are not measly-sized and are cracked for convenience. The crabmeat is sumptuous and ample enough to satisfy any crab-lover.

A selection of soups are available, but worth a try is the hot and sour soup, which is typically hot, spicy and appetizing. The broth is not too sour and the ingredients are generously sprinkled in the soup, leaving a rich, exciting texture in the mouth with every spoonful.

The prawn salad has a lot of pineapples mixed in with the prawns. The prawns appear to be quite small individually, but there is a liberal amount in every dish for sharing.

Service is prompt and courteous. Function rooms are available for groups. The owners, a very sweet and accommodating team, are on hand to oversee the operations of the restaurant.

Hai Shin Lou is located at 810 Arnaiz Ave., Makati City. This restaurant is always packed, so it is advisable to make reservations early at (632)752-7433, (632)892-5148, or (632)813-8491.

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